Hello there fellow Orpheans!

This new website is intended to replace the existing one ... it may not be as elegant as the old one but we can edit it ourselves and keep it very current. It's intended for two audiences:
  • the general public .... for publicity and in particular to attract new members
  • ourselves ... as a point of reference for choir members for news, announcements etc (that said, Paul will continue to forward important stuff via email etc). Suggest you put it on your favourites bar so that it's easily available when you are on-line.
The site is on  a Google platform ... and currently is "private" which means that you have to be invited to view it and that requires a gmail ID (if you can see this you've obviously done that!) 
  • When we go public we'll simply redirect the existing www.londonorpheuschoir.co.uk web address to point to this website and it will then be viewable by anyone worldwide.
  • One issue we need to resolve: should the members pages be private? This is easily done but anyone who wants to access these private pages would then need a gmail ID; there are a few members who mistrust Google and don't want to sign up!
So ... what do you think? Should we cut down on the members pages and subpages? Should we make the members pages private? Do you like the layout and navigation? What features have we missed out? What would attract new members?

Feel free to have your say and do be critical ... Suzette & I will not be offended in any way!

Simply post your comments in the box below ... and everyone will be able to see your views!