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David Firshman is our new librarian

Our first concert of the season will be at St James’s church Piccadilly on Thursday 12th November and will be entitled ‘Magnificat’. We will be performing 3 settings of the traditional Magnificat and some other shorter works on the Marian theme.  More details will be revealed at our first rehearsal next Wednesday.

Amongst the music you will need is European Sacred Music published by Oxford University Press. Some of you may have your own copies. If you wish to buy your own, David can provide them for c £14  or you may be able to find a used copy on line.

If you prefer to hire, the estimated cost of music hire is £5 – or £2.50 if you already have European Sacred Music. 

It would be immensely helpful if you could email David straightaway at to let him know your requirements i.e
  1. You want to hire all music
  2. You want to buy European Sacred Music
  3. You have your own ESM and want to hire the rest.

> Please aim to arrive by 6.30 next week so that the distribution of music does not eat into too much of our valuable rehearsal time. Also, remember to bring your cheque books and subscription forms (emailed with an earlier message ) to enable Lara to start collecting this term’s subs (£60; £30 for students).
> Here’s to a happy season of music making.
> Geoffrey Budd .. Chairman