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Friends & Patrons

Her Grace the Duchess of St Albans

Honorary President
Colin Evans

Vice Presidents
 Mr Adrian Edwards
Mrs Terence Feely
Mr R G G. Howard
Mr Anthony Judd Hon. R.A.M
Mrs Eileen McCarthy
Miss Catherine Robinson
Dr Antonin Tucapsky 

Friends of London Orpheus Choir
 Mr & Mrs Colin Bacchus
Mrs J Barry
Ms Hilary Blumer
Ms Rebecca Budd
Mr Aubrey Davidson 
Mrs J Davies
Ms S Durham
Mr & Mrs R D Fowke
Dr Robert Gurd
Mrs J Hales
Mrs Rachel Halverson
Ms Claire Harbour
Mr & Mrs G Hartridge
Prof Stephen Haseler
Mr R.G.G Howard
Miss Charlotte Hughes
Mr Edward Hughes
Miss Brenda Lloyd
Mr A P Lloyd
Prof. A R Lord
Mrs Shirley Manley
Mrs Elizabeth Maxwell
Mr N Ninnim
Mr & Mrs Norman Russell
Mrs Betty Searle
Ms J Seaton
Mr and Mrs Robin Swan
Mr David Smurthwaite 
Ms Andrea Whittaker
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